The wake park for everyone.

Wakeboarding is a water sport that’s getting more and more popular in recent years. Our world class facility caters to all levels of enthusiasts who are looking for a challenge.

You’ll never run out of things to do once you step in our 10 hectare complex where you can do a number of water activities aside from wakeboarding.



- There are six different lakes that offers different levels of difficulty. Areas 1 and 2 are full cable winch parks; areas 3 and 4 are winch parks; and lastly, areas 5 and 6 full cable.

Swimming Pool with Adjacent Hot Tub

- After a long session at the wake park, relax at the pool. You can also have a soak in the hot tub to relieve your body ache and avoid sore muscles.

Slip N’ Slide

- We have set up an inflatable water park at the Gwynn Lake where you can bring the whole family, even those who aren’t sporty enough to enjoy wakeboarding. There are multiple slides and obstacles that would make anyone feel like they’re competing on American Ninja Warrior.


- We have rooms to cater for couples and groups, as well as dorms for individuals. Each room has their own bathrooms and it has undergone carpet stretching so the room has a brand new vibes to it. To top it off,  the roofing services in Kitsilano and the roofing services in Surrey, BC (website) made the roofs adapt to the theme of our location.

Public Shower Rooms

- We have multiple shower rooms scattered throughout the vicinity for use of people who are not checked-in our rooms.

First Aid Clinic

- Falling flat on your face or tumbling over in the air is part of a wakeboarder’s journey. As accidents can happen anytime, we made sure that everyone will be taken care of in case of emergency.

Skateboard Park

- Want to take the sport out of the water? We also have a skatepark available.



- $5 per Hour

- $45 Unlimited Day Pass

- $150 1 Week Pass

Slip n’ Slide

- $20 Day Pass


Is Wakeboarding difficult?

- Learning a sport isn’t easy. But compared to others, you can learn it faster.

Will there be someone to teach me?

- There are several guides present nearby to oversee safety of the wakeboarders. Feel free to ask them for some tips. But if you want a serious one-on-one lesson before hitting the waters, send us a message along with your reservation so that we can arrange it for you.

Is there food available?

- There are three restaurants inside the park. Johnny’s serves mean burgers and other American favorites. GreenLeaf is a specialty restaurant that caters to both vegan and keto diets. Sunny Side Up offers breakfast all-day and smoothie bowls.